Just a small town girl making big city art...

Originally from a small town nestled in the upper corner of the Pacific Northwest, Diana moved to the Baltimore-Annapolis area in 2006 & works as a Multimedia Graphic Designer while being a wife, mom & gardening enthusiast.

After working for ten years in Business Administration with specialized skills in marketing, Diana was able to switch to a career in graphic design after completing a Bachelor of Science degree from Towson University in 2015.

Artist Statement

Living in this new technology-crazed global society is an interesting time for an artist.  If there is one thing that that I know to be true, it is that change is constant. Every day brings new challenges & new experiences that allow me to grow as an artist & as a designer.

With my professional design work, my goal is to best communicate my client’s message in both a visual & linguistic way.  Coming from a business background before I studied graphic design, it was a natural transition that my focus would mostly be in marketing design.

When it comes to my personal artwork, it tends to be very expressive of my current emotional state.  Inspiration comes from society as we are emotional beings, and their quirks fascinate me.  I have always had an interest in sociology and what makes us 'tick'.  I like to read people, seeing past the masks they wear and to look inside the true personality lurking within.

Of course it cannot be all serious.  I feel that life and people can be incredibly absurd & having a sense of humor is one of the ways to cope with the emotional onslaught of daily life in a 24/7, fast-paced digital society.  

Thank you for taking time to view my work.  I welcome your questions and comments here.

People who say ‘life is boring’ have never lived life as an artist.
— Diana Voisin

all photography by Diana Voisin