May You Live in Interesting Times...

It’s funny how life has a way of ramping up just when you get to the good part. As soon as we crossed over into 2017, this year so far has gotten really hectic, but really good.

Right away, I was hired on permanently at my contract position just after we were able to launch their new website, along with a ton of new marketing. And more is definitely coming. I’m continually creating new content and writing blog articles. So much writing! It’s been really great to have such a supportive team that has allowed me to learn and grow into this position. I’ve turned into a one-woman marketing department and I’m loving it.

The experience in getting my company set up with a fresh look was just fantastic and I was able to add so much more work to my portfolio than I expected. I've been creating short animations and videos to showcase their products, write case studies and industry articles, and it's been wild.  

With the design and launching of a second website coming soon, I’m looking forward to learning more about CMS, motion graphics and continue to practice my photography skills with the new DLSR camera Santa brought for Christmas this year. 

Two months in and we already are living some interesting times. Looking forward to focusing on my work and seeing where I go from here. Here’s to a great year!

- Diana